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“We have created our own music, our own lifestyle, our own community, and culture... Punk has evolved past the 'shock tactics' of colored hair and dog collars to have a fairly cohesive philosophy.”

- The Philosophy of Punk, 1995.

28 weeks project including:

Ideation & research

Rapid prototyping & refinements

3 full-scale wearable product models

As seen in:

Yanko Design

Kinky Cleaning and More!

Trend Hunter

The 'MonoPunk' Accessory Series

Merges Edginess with Ordinary

A'Design Award

MonoPunk Accessories and

Electronics by Cheng-Jay Tsai


Project Brief /

The brief is bringing the Punk movement into the modern family.

Using the unusual fashion to blur the boundaries in everyday life, to let the initial rebellion spirits turn into a force for the change of daily products.








Focus /


While shock tactics were often used in the Punk movement, shocking people with appearances have been replaced by thoughts afterward. It was not merely by being offensive or violent, but also for the purpose of showcasing the consciousness in everyday life.


Insight /


Punk applied many unusual fashion objects by early avant-garde art movement in order to break down the standard barriers. However, they couldn’t realize the critical spirit among their daily life through house arrangements. Therefore, some personal products have been created based on our daily life to showcase the identity of modern Punk.


Perspective Shift /

How would a modern punk product look like?

Inspirations /

The motivation of MonoPunk is focused on radical innovation driven by changing the meaning of products.

Indoor /


In private /

enjoy the music

In public /

dress up your dog

Outdoor / 

Walk your dog


Show off your rebellious sprit when you clean and jam out!

For shaping a semifictional modern punk scenario, I created a wearable vacuum, a masked headphone, and doggie wear. Those everyday products which represent the indoor and outdoor activities and give us some food for thought — the ordinary electrical product can shake you up a bit!

Rapid Prototyping /

The project focuses on cultural innovation and recreation,

and also put effort into making reasonable prototypes.


Mask & Headphone Combo /

The masked-headphone combines the features of steam-punk and rivets. It shows the identity or social status as a visual appearance. Not only allow users to enjoy a private headspace but also being unique accessories while listening to music.

Wearable Vacuum /

The wearable vacuum with fashion appearance provides a different experience than other usual electronics. Cleaning as a mover and shaker with full equipment is like criticizing daily silent appliances, which changes how people think of house cleaning.

Doggie Wear /

The accessory of pets combines stylish-tailored leather and rock-inspired studs. With this identical outfit, we can keep daily life as walking on the runway to make the public stunned by the consistency in every detail.


Punk is an attitude of living.

This project aimed at making a person be aware of his own identity.

When Punk goes into daily products, the conscious spirit will be awakened.

Time tags /

00:53   prototyping & testing
01:05   3D rendering
01:11   manufacturing
01:25   photo shooting