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What if Nintendo designed an AR-VR goggle? This conceptual project focused on mixed reality and bringing design suggestions for the brand.

As seen in:

Yanko Design

The 90s Nintendo's Virtual Boy Gets Revamped Into Interactive Gaming Headsets For The Ultimate AR gaming Experience

*The Joy-Glasses are an imaginary concept and don't necessarily represent the views of Nintendo.

6 weeks project including:

Ideation & research

3D modeling & rendering

Final refinements

ArtCenter Summer 2020
Under the guidance of Jeffrey Jones

Following the current  gameplay mobility  and  retro-tech trend,

how would Nintendo create the experience for mixed reality devices?

A Hybrid Video Game Console

Nintendo has built great games for every type of gamer. Switch is designed for both traditional TV play when plugged in, and on-the-go gaming in tablet form. This hybrid game console provides players with multiple choices of how to play.

*All product images courtesy of Nintendo Switch


Game as Technological Entry Point

Recently, Nintendo released Pokémon Go, and it became a global phenomenon. Successfully tapping into 1990s nostalgia, this augmented reality mobile game is attracting millions of Millennials.

Looking back at Nintendo's first mixed reality device "Virtual Boy" in the 90s, the VR headset was perhaps a little too ahead of its time. Taking advantage of this retro hype, it's about time to refashion existing technology and create something unique to connect with more recent generations. Understanding how to leverage technology strategically will be a compelling entry point before jumping to Nintendo's next new market.

*This project does not necessarily represent the views of Nntendo.




Pokémon GO





This is  Joy‑Glasses
Transform from headset display to external monitors in a snap.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Glasses created dual gameplay mode and enhanced the existing video game adventure with augmented reality. The players can dive into the full-screen game with open-ear audio, start a voice chat with multiple online players, and quickly switch between headset display and external monitors.

Joy-Glasses can be expanded up to 15 degrees to meet different user's face shapes.





Two Modes in One.

The front Transitions Lenses will adapt to the changing lighting and switch between colored and see-through lenses, which created a standalone VR gaming environment, or AR goggles. The user can explore the VR world alone or team up with other players, and the other players will join the voice chat lobby as they enter the game directly.

*Game images courtesy of Nintendo Switch:

  The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, 2017

  Pokémon Sword and Shield, 2019

*This project does not necessarily
  represent the views of Nintendo Switch.


Find Your  Joy-Glasses  Style!

The headset comes in five colorways:  Ice White,  Lite Yellow  Bubblegum Pink,  Atlantic Blue,  and  Smoky Dark.

ice white.png
lite yellow.png
bubblegum pink.png
atlantic blue.png
smoky dark.png

Nintendo Switch Joy-Glasses lets you stay stylish, and stay connected anywhere, anytime!

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