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Converting ideas to reality from sketch to product

 the bio-material SCOBY experiment


Unboxing the Toolkits

Sketch Ideation
Marker Rendering
Storytelling Board
3D Modeling
Rapid Prototyping



Why do I believe in sketching ideation?

As I started to investigate the design concept in my journey, I sketched out all the possible ideas. The power of laying out the images in mind is the most effective tool for a designer. I know I'm searching for some of the meaningful answers to myself, and they will lead me to ask more questions to get the appropriate ones. 

Rough Sketch

Detailed Sketch



When do I create contrasts and hierarchy in a marker rendering?

Our brain has managed to respond to the meaning with visual references so that we can approach around impression and illusion. I use marker rendering that can be shown on design presentation boards, and it also helps me to dig deeper into the questions. These creations are essential as it speaks the language of design that can engage people. 


Whether it is, creating a reading way, contrast, hierarchy, focal point, line weights, shadows, proportion, materials, textures, composition, etc; these are great techniques that can quickly drop people's eyes and help you receive crits and feedback from a client and consumer.

→ Working with Procreate



Another tool for digital sketching is by using Adobe Photoshop to create 2D rendering images for the presentation board. Photo bashing is a skill that can quickly blend photos or 3D images while doing digital painting and compositing them into a finished concept piece.

 Working with Photoshop