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harmony was integrated Harman Kardon's highest audio standards into the mobile phone design, creating an immediacy listening experience with your favorite album streams.

6 weeks project including:

Ideation & research

3D modeling & rendering

As seen in:

how a mobile phone produced by
harman kardon will look like

Musik-Handy von Harman Kardon:
Oh wie schön wäre "Harmony"

Yanko Design

Harman Kardon smartphone concept comes with a massive "speaker bump"

ArtCenter Summer 2020
Under the guidance of Jeffrey Jones

*This project does not necessarily

represent the views of harman/kardon.

What if Harman Kardon designs a mobile phone that supports this entertaining trend?

While the mobile industry is continuing to transform the devices into high-end videography equipment to accommodate the rise of the YouTube vlogger, we can see mobile devices come to promote their versatile ability to intensify productivity and entertainment capabilities shortly.



The process started with sketches, which inspired by how curvy Harman Kardon's Soundsticks were, and pushes further the surfacing details in mobile phone design.

*All product images courtesy of harman/kardon


*product image by harman/kardon

The glass serration symbolizes that subline sound is flapping in the breeze, while still holding a connection to Harmon Kardon’s design language.


Curved full-screen display pair up the iconic audio on the back can catch up to the big-phone trend.


The album cover offers a refreshing sense of colorways for a speaker-mobile phone.


Harmon Kardon keeps delivering a slim and sleek design that will fascinate the mobile audio industry like no other.

harmony was driven by the iconic speaker SoundSticks, the wireless speaker system with a remarkable visual design, and rebranded Harman Kardon's design language in the organic and translucent mobile back piece, which gives the product a vibrant touch and feel. The mobile phone also merges the album cover as the colorway inspiration and produces fresh looks which gaining strength in premium consumer electronics.


The complex tiny holes refined the original

harman/kardon 60 degrees slash icon.


The central core maximizes airflow through the speaker and provides an omnidirectional music experience.


harmony gives a beautifully immersive stream album experience with the new mobile phone design.

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